The First Generation:
Carl Hofele


Carl Hofele learned how to construct and to do the service of Benz airplane engines at Carl Benz & Cie.


Carl Hofele became a pioneer of airplane construction. Together with Wolf Hirth, he constructed gliders of his own.


Carl Hofele founded a very early German Aviation Club:“Fliegergruppe 1928 Donzdorf e.V.”

The Second Generation:
Bruno Hofele


Bruno Hofele worked as a 19-year-old young engineer trainee at the machine tool company“Böhringer”and participated in the construction of the new Unimog.In 1951, the Unimog was acquired by Daimler-Benz .


Bruno Hofele developed and built foldable and small caravans and motorhomes under the brand STAUFERLAND. The German government agency“Kraftfahrtbundesamt (KBA)” gave him the status of a vehicle manufacturer.


Based on the Japanese Daihatsu Hijet, Bruno Hofele’s company STAUFERLAND built a small and flexible motorhome. Later, Bruno Hofele constructed and built a bigger motorhome with Ford light duty truck.


Bruno Hofele received an official registered design patent at the German Patent Office for his invention-the Ski-Box.


The supervisory board of Daimler-Benz chose Hofele’s Ski-Box for their own official company cars. Over many years, Hofele had been providing these boxes to the Daimler-Benz management board.


The German cross-country skiing team was equipped with Hofele’s Ski-Box.

The Third Generation:
Martin, Juergen,
Dorothee and Michael



The first logo of HOFELE-DESIGN, “MH-DESIGN”, was based on the ‘M’ in both names Michael and Martin and the ‘H’ in Hofele .


The Hofele brothers took part in regional motor sport events.


Michael Hofele gave an elementary new look ahead and prediction of the later wave of SUVs in his diploma thesis “Market Opportunities for A Light Off-Road Vehicle in Germany. And Its Construction.” In terms of timing: the Mercedes G-Model was presented in 1979.


HOFELE-DESIGN became a listed supplier of TECHNO-Purchasing GmbH (TECHNO is a purchasing association of 160 largest German car dealerships).


Martin Hofele founded the company HOFELE-DESIGN for the design, development and manufacture of vehicle parts.


Michael Hofele was employed as a management consultant in the automotive industry.


As part of the management consultancy for Daimler-Benz itself, Michael Hofele wrote the first “Used Car Management Manual for Cars” for Mercedes-Benz.


Michael Hofele joined the HOFELE-DESIGN company as a co-partner and the company was transformed into a GmbH.


HOFELE-DESIGN developed an extensive range of accessories for Smart Fortwo.


HOFELE-DESIGN became a development partner of SMART, and developed the front and rear lights of the prototypes of the new Smart Roadster.


HOFELE-DESIGN became a parts supplier for LORINSER.


LORINSER engaged HOFELE-DESIGN for the design and development of all Lorinser models.


Mitsubishi Motors Europe, a Daimler subsidiary, hired HOFELE-DESIGN to develop and produce accessories for Colt and other Mitsubishi types.


HOFELE-DESIGN developed a new design for the ACTROS by following the design language of the McLaren-Mercedes F1.


HOFELE-DESIGN received the Sport Auto Award for its SR8 concept on Audi A8.


HOFELE-DESIGN developed body parts for Mercedes-Benz ML-Class W 166 for the first time and delivered them under its own branding in the HOFELE SUV range.


HOFELE-DESIGN developed a wide range of accessories for the Mercedes G-Class.


HOFELE Anniversary:“100 Years Family Tradition in Automotive and Aviation Technic”!

HOFELE’s thought on future projects:“We would like to do something exciting for the new X-Class. Especially in the rear area. The Mercedes concept car was so beautiful and exciting.”


Mercedes-Benz, a century-old German car brand, is a company of Daimler AG. It has been considered as one of the most successful luxury vehicle brands.
Its remarkable techniques, superb quality standards, creative innovations, and a series of classic coupe styles are widely respected. The Mercedes-Benz Trident brand logo has become one of the most famous automobile brand logos in the world. For more than 100 years, the Mercedes-Benz brand has been a pioneer and leader in automobile civilization and technological innovation.
Mercedes-Benz has been the pioneer and leader of the automobile industry culture and technical innovation.


HOFELE-Design GmbH was born in 1951 in Stuttgart, the heart of the German automotive region. Recognized and registered with the title of ‘vehicle manufacturer’ at the German KBA, it is a company specializes in automotive design and customization. It is one of the two official contractual partners for Daimler AG, which the other company is Daimler-controlled AMG. Hofele-Design has already gained a high reputation in Europe with its unique and innovative design style. It is now a well-known brand in the automotive design and high-end customization industry. Hofele has obtained a three-year or 100,000 km warranty from Mercedes-Benz (China) Automobile Sales Co., Ltd. in mainland China.


Beijing China Ocean Power Automobile Import and Export Trade Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as “COPA”), was registered on January 6, 2020. In March 2020, Hofele-Design and its German foundry, BRALO, jointly authorized COPA as the exclusive sale agent for Hofele in mainland China. This authorization had given new life to this century-old brand.

Beijing China Ocean Power Automobile Import & Export Co, Ltd.

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