The Mercedes-Benz S-Class is recognized the world over as probably the best luxury German saloon available, only the Maybach offers more luxurious, more stylish and is certainly more exclusive. HOFELE has mixed the two together, taking the S-Class to a higher level by combining the styling elements of the Maybach and incorporating them into the S-Class. It is mainly the Maybach inspired style of the front and rear that stands out from the standard S-Class. HOFELE has re-engineered and redesigned the Maybach’s best features and incorporated them in a very well thought out package, greatly enhancing the S-Class’s presence and adding a feel of real bespoke individuality.

HOFELE-Design says: “The ‘HOFELE Ultimate S’ is designed for very discerning owners, the owner is someone who does not follow others, they want to be exclusive and express their desire for style and luxury.”

There are many features of this new model from HOFELE that impress, but it is the overall package that works so well. Keeping the design of the exterior styling in line with the original Mercedes-Benz and Maybach concepts. You will not see any aggressive use of carbon add on parts on this sophisticated Ultimate S Class.

The exclusivity extends to the branding package from HOFELE, signature badges and the unique HOFELE ‘H’ stand up front bonnet emblem, really raise the standard of BESPOKE luxury.

HOFELE-Design GmbH is a contractual partner of Daimler AG and they have certainly lived up to the recognition with their version of the ‘Ultimate S’-Class.

The ‘HOFELE Ultimate S’ shown is finished in a unique dual tone exterior paint work, combining the original Obsidian Black with the noble color ‘Tiffany Gold. The interior also gets the two-tone treatment, making this a real one-off exclusive combination. “Limited Edition 1 of 1”.